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Absolutely awesome! A unique idea, I really liked it.

Thanks so much for your message!

Did you manage to play it okay?

Sure! I got a really awesome experience from it.

Thats great. Spread the word of the game if you can :)

I was able to play using a WMR headset, but never could get the flashlight to appear.

Yeh bro its because you need vive controllers. Also the flashlight doesn't appear until you pick it up in the safe room (the room with the UV light messages and the hiding place) and isn't needed until then. 

Ah, ok. I don’t think I made it to the flashlight yet. I stopped at the level with the cage in the corner. I have to figure out how to get past it, lol.

Hey man, How did it go? Also There is a vent to click on in the corner if thats where your at.